With her pretty face and pale blonde hair, she looked more like an a n g e l than a vampire.


The Queen, the Guardian, the Alchemist and the Princess.

“It’s not about you, okay? This time, it’s about me. Not you. All my life, Lissa… all my life, it’s been the same. They come first. I’ve lived my life for you. I’ve trained to be your shadow, but you know what? I want to come first. I need to take care of myself for once. I’m tired of looking out for everyone else and having to put aside what I want.”

Zoey Deutch - Coachella 2014

“And after a while… I mean, how do you choose? Who gets to live? Part of life is that… well, some people have to die. My powers aren’t a prescription you can get filled as needed.”


Katniss - Rose - Clary - Tris

Chasing visions of our futures.


unpopular characters meme redux

↳characters you were indifferent to until you started defending them

Vasilisa Sabina Rhea Dragomir

People who should be illegal (no order)
↳ Danila Kozlovsky

[When asked about the most amazing thing that ever happened to him] When you make yourself lift your ass from the couch, tear your ear from the phone, close Facebook and Instagram - this amazing feeling literally hits you. Sunsets in Australia, vineyards in Tuscany, paintings in The Musée de l’Orangerie in Paris, beautiful people in the streets, movies, music, many things.

"I sometimes act before I think. I’m getting better at avoiding this, but when something sets me off, I tend to punch first and then find out who I actually hit later. When it comes to those I care about being in danger…well, rules seem optional."

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